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Apreciados Amigos de la Clinica, On a dusty dirt road in a remote corner of Nicaragua, a small building sits at the base of a hill. A tractor mows the land next door, separated by a wire and wood fence that children lean on to wave to the farmer as he passes by. The sun has just risen...

Dear Friend of our Nicaraguan community, 2009 has been a very positive year for our fundraising efforts. It started with a party in Managua, our traditional local fundraising event where the famous artist Mario Sacasa performed live for us, including some songs from his new album. We also did a big educational event with the community and...

Hola amigos de NicaClinic: There have been many positive changes for the Roberto Clemente Clinic in the past year. The theme for this update is in progress. Since mid-2007 laboratory services were provided one day a week at the Clinic, a registered lab technician performs routine blood and urine tests including blood chemistry exams. This service is...

Queridos Amigos, Spring is almost here and there have been many changes at the Clinic since our last update in November! The Clinic's new schedule of 24-hour availability, 7 days a week has greatly increased the number of services we have been able to provide to the locals and visitors of the region. Dr. Julio Flores and his...

Queridos amigos, As the winter rapidly approaches us here, things in the land of lakes and volcanoes are far from cooling off. Recent Nicaraguan presidential elections have stirred up fear in the media around the globe…however; everything is stable albeit busy at our health Clinic. Dr. Flores and his team will have our complete support no...