Providing Medical Care for At-Risk Children in Latin America

The Roberto Clemente Clinic hosts hundreds of volunteers from all over the world. 2018 will be an amazing year for volunteers to contribute to many new Clinic projects for the community. Depending on their experience level, our volunteers can perform a range of activities, from taking vital signs and helping with patient intake to providing emergency care and performing minor surgeries. They are also able to work in our organic garden or with our clean water treatment and distribution program.

In January, we had our president, Dr. Mosquera, come down to train the team, as well as many medical volunteers, both local and from the U.S. They participated in our Healthcare Fair and Festival, giving free testing and consultations.



The Roberto Clemente Health Clinic team in Nicaragua is very thankful for our volunteers’ expertise and support at the clinic.

The volunteer program at The Roberto Clemente Health Clinic is as rewarding to the volunteers as it is to the local patients. We invite anyone with interest in an international volunteer experience. We have a variety of opportunities for everyone – all areas of healthcare, business and administrative professionals, teachers, social workers, dieticians, high school and college students, and retirees.  This is the perfect volunteer opportunity for you.

Below please find the requirements to volunteer at our Clinic:

  1. Copy of your resume
  2. If doctor, copy of medical license
  3. Copies of any additional certifications
  4. Copy of passport
  5. Traveler’s insurance
  6. Signed and notarized copy of agreement

For more information, contact:

Julia Guth, Chair of the Board at 410-223-2630

or her assistant:

Lorena Cernadas at (410) 369-0512