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Expansion Project

Expansion Proposal: Help Us Grow!

At our 2,040 sq. ft. Health Clinic located in Limón 1, Nicaragua, we strive to improve health outcomes for our rural community by treating and alleviating the root causes of the most prevalent diseases in the region through around-the-clock primary care and a wide variety of services including community outreach and health education.

We provide free and low-cost preventative care and emergency medical services, as well as dental care, ultrasound and laboratory services, to the poor, underserved community of Limón 1 and over 20 of the surrounding villages. Additionally, we build strong social networks by bringing foreign students and medical professionals to Nicaragua through our Volunteer Program, and by partnering with reputable NGOs both locally and internationally.

Expansion is Essential for Our Clinic

In recent years, our patient volume has quadrupled. We have added many new services including laboratory testing, dentistry, ultrasound, diabetic and pediatric services. We are very proud of our growth, but we know we will soon reach a standstill unless we expand our facilities to allow further growth. We desperately need more space to accommodate new and existing patients, and to provide all of our patients with the high level of care they have come to expect.

Recent Achievements

With the generous donations from our supporters, the Roberto Clemente Health Clinic was able to purchase a GE Logic Book XP ultrasound machine in 2012.  This acquisition is essential to our goal of improving pre-natal care and increase the capacity of diagnosis of other diseases in the region as it is the only such machine within several hours of our village.

More Space

Thanks to a private donation, we were able to build a new storage room at our Clinic in 2011. The storage room allows us to safely and securely store many of our medicine and supplies. This space also doubles occasionally as a meeting and training venue for our medical staff.

New Medical Resources

We have hired new physicians. These additions means that we now have a full medical team 24/7including weekends for the first time since we opened our doors in 2004.

What Your Donation Will Help Us Build:

Phase 1.  Evaluation, optimization, planning.

Optimize the use of the clinic’s space for emergency services, gynecology, laboratory, and odontology.   Secure the provision, storage and process of water, optimization in the use of energy. Provide a fumigator for prevention of epidemic.  Replace with a new ambulance for the attention of emergencies.

Total Cost phase 1: US$ 55,000.00 
Status:  Completed in March 2016

Phase 2.  Capital improvements and construction. 
  • Provide new facility for administrative and community education areas with the provision of prefabricated modules (container/prefab modules).
  • Procure additional land, 3,575 mts2 adjacent for expansion.
  • Construction of new clinical building.
  • Remodel of current clinical building.
  • Drilling permanent well on site.
Phase 3.   Clinical services expansion and programmatic expansion.

Expand the current space with a new facility to improve quality and range of services.

  • Medical equipment improvements.
Total Funds Needed: $540,132.96
Additional operating costs after expansion project – 66,000 per year.

This Expansion Project would double our current space and greatly enhance the services we offer to the community. We would be able to invite surgical teams to perform much-needed surgeries at the Clinic, provide increased gynecological services with greater privacy for local women, provide more training for our staff in the new open classroom, and invite thousands more patients to benefit from our services. With your generous donation, we can continue to grow and serve the children and families of Limón 1 and the surrounding communities. A donation of any amount will go a long way toward making this project possible.

We thank you very much for your consideration in helping us with this important project. If you have any questions or would like further information about the details of our Expansion Project, please do not hesitate to contact us.

TO MAKE YOUR CONTRIBUTIONS , CLICK HERE. You do not need a PayPal account to donate. There is a link inside of PayPal that will direct you to pay with your credit card.

For more information, contact:

Julia Guth, Chair of the Board at 410-223-2630
[email protected]

or her assistant:

Caitlin Kratz at
[email protected]