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Clean Water Initiative

Have you ever had to worry about getting sick from drinking water?
Do you think about what bacteria might be in it before you take a drink?
Are you afraid to bathe your children for fear they could catch a deadly disease?
Have you ever had to miss work because you were sick from the water you drank?

These are common concerns for the citizens of the 2nd poorest country in the Western Hemisphere.

Access to clean water is a major problem for the majority of rural Nicaraguans.

Many impoverished families drink unclean water from rivers and wells that are polluted with disease-causing pathogens.  Drinking and bathing in contaminated water can cause severe illnesses like diarrhea, birth defects, cancer, typhoid fever, cholera and sometimes even death.  In addition to the bacteria, tainted water contains high levels of calcium, which may be connected to the increased incidence of kidney stones among this population.

Lack of clean drinking water leads to increased consumption of soda.  Wouldn’t you, too, choose a “safe” drink over one with known bacteria?  Unfortunately, soda can cause numerous health concerns: high sugar intake, dehydration, fatigue, and tooth decay are just a few.  One of the most prevalent diseases in rural Nicaragua is diabetes – a direct result of increased sugar intake.

We believe that EVERYONE deserves access to clean water

The Clean Water Initiative started in late 2014. Our water treatment plant currently distributes an average of 1,195 gallons per month.

People from the community can refill their 5-gallon bottles for 30 Nicaraguan córdobas (US$1.10), which is nearly half the price of a commercial bottle at the store.

We are in the process of making some major – and much-needed – renovations to our water treatment plant, including expanding the washing and filling area and making improvements to the filtration process.

This year, we will be supporting eight schools and three health centers. The cost of logistics and overall distribution continues to increase in Nicaragua, but we are committed to reaching the most vulnerable communities in the area with our Clean Water Initiative, despite all the challenges.

In a few years, we have already made major improvements to the process of washing, filling and storing our purified water. In addition, we were able to make the changes in structure and equipment necessary to enhance the overall system performance.

There are many problems in the community that can be avoided with the consumption of clean water, namely parasite infections and urinary tract infections. All the activities are carried out following the Clinic’s protocols for purification and packaging.

Thanks to the new methods and tools, demand for water is growing. People are gaining confidence in this initiative to alleviate the problem of access to clean drinking water in the communities of Tola.

We are very excited to discover what the future has in store for our Clean Water Initiative!

We Cannot Do It Without You!

Please consider joining us in providing critical uncontaminated water to the underserved people in Limon, Nicaragua. To do so, please click here.

We thank you very much for your consideration in helping us with this important project.