We Can’t Do it Without You

It takes big hearts and generous donations to fulfill our promise to the Nicaraguan community members who rely on us for basic and emergency healthcare.

Locals and tourists alike visit the clinic, which provides 24-hour combined on-site and on-call care every day of the week. They’re treated for a wide variety of issues, from a simple cut to the birth of a child.

Now thanks to your donation we will be able to hire a new employee part time.

Your donation will go towards:

1.    Giving a member or the community a better chance at life.
2.    You will provide healthcare and social security savings (like a 401K) for his/her pension.
3.    Provide training and stability for one person part time in our clinic.

With over 12,000 patients seen every year, it can be hard to keep up with the demand. We have added many services such as: laboratory, dentistry, ultrasound, diabetes and pediatric care. While this expansion in our services can be seen as a positive, we are at our physical capacity. Now, thanks to this new employee that you want to sponsor, we will be able to provide better services in our community.

We thank you also for using the services of our medical facilty.

Please follow the bottom below to make your donations.

Thank you for supporting our clinic!

Julia Guth
Chair of the Board
The Roberto Clemente Health Clinic
410-223-2630 | jguth@nicaclinic.org

Lorena Cernadas
The Roberto Clemente Health Clinic
(410) 369-0512 | lcernadas@nicaclinic.org