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Author: Lorena Cernadas

Dear Friend of Our Clinic, The COVID-19 pandemic continues to challenge our world and has resulted in critical consequences, especially for the poor. Our Nutrition Program has been instrumental during these disconcerting times. The intended outcomes of our program include improving overall nutrition, decreasing the risk of malnutrition and improving food security in our rural communities. We continue...

Dear Friend of the Clinic, In today's world, to me there is no better feeling than helping others. Volunteering at The Roberto Clemente Health Clinic has given me and many others the unmatchable experience of working side by side with our doctors and nurses - as well as our organic master gardener, nutritionist, diabetes expert, pharmacist and...

Dear Friend of the Clinic, What a thrilling summer we've had! Given all the negative forces affecting the world around us, the Clinic's positive new developments are a bright spot for all of us who have the pleasure to interact with the Clinic team and surrounding communities. Since we last updated you in July about our expanded...

Dear Friend of the Clinic, Thank you again for all your support to our Roberto Clemente Health Clinic and Wellness Center and its surrounding communities during these highly challenging months and years. You will see below that your care and support are having a tremendous impact on the well-being of many impoverished families. And thanks to your...

Dear Friend of the Clinic, As we leave 2020 behind, we want to take this moment to thank you for all your support. You are the reason we can provide affordable access to high-quality healthcare and wellness programs in an impoverished rural region of Nicaragua. Your support and interest inspire the continued dedication and professionalism of our...