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Author: Julia Guth

Dear Friend of Our Clinic, The Roberto Clemente Health Clinic is a model nonprofit that serves thousands of families in a poor, rural, coastal area of southern Nicaragua. And these families have experienced a quadruple hit of catastrophes this past year: COVID-19, on top of back-to-back devastating hurricanes, on top of a collapsing economy. Families live on dirt...

Dear Friend of the Clinic, In the spirit of the holiday season, we want you to know how grateful we are for your support of The Roberto Clemente Health Clinic. Thanks to YOU, we assisted hundreds of families in the area who desperately asked for our help. As you know, they were struck by COVID-19 and then...

Dear Friend of the Clinic, We recently sent you news of our communities' huge challenges in light of Hurricane Eta. And now, as the world is watching, Nicaragua is struggling to just survive the devastation of a historic natural disaster, Hurricane Iota. Never in history have two hurricanes of this magnitude hit Nicaragua in one season. So here...

Dear Friend of the Clinic, We are living in unprecedented times. Our world continues to be challenged by the ongoing spread of COVID-19 - and now Hurricane Eta! It left our Clinic communities with days of power outages, no transportation and damaged buildings. In addition to emergency response, our Clinic's prevention measures we're employing are designed to...

Dear Friend of the Clinic, The coronavirus pandemic continues to challenge our world every day. The consequences are widespread and often severe, especially for the poor. The prevention measures we're employing at The Roberto Clemente Health Clinic are designed for our impoverished, rural communities. A global threat like COVID-19 touches every person on the planet, and it presents...