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Author: Lorena Cernadas

We started this initiative in early 2017 to help the children of our Padrino Program, with the intention of improving their quality of life and future. These children have won our hearts. Motivated by the great results, we now offer nutritional packs, not only to the sponsored children but also to their entire families. We believe...

We started off 2018 by celebrating at our Annual Health Fair on January 13! The substantial number of people who attend our Health Fairs – higher every year – continues to surprise us. We are happy to see this event become a yearly tradition at the Roberto Clemente Health Clinic, and we are joyful to learn...

We said “YES” to hundreds of families in the area who desperately asked for our support after Hurricane Nate devastated the region last month. Though there was little attention in the international news, many families lost their homes and all their belongings in the historic flooding. Today, several weeks later – thanks to your support...

A few months ago, we were excited to share the news about the creation of a second bee colony. After two months of artificial multiplication (human intervention) and continuous monitoring of the bees’ behavior, we were able to confirm the presence of a new “queen.” The queen bee is the main component of the honey...