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What Volunteers Do In Nicaragua

A Week at the Clinic

The following schedule follows a sample week in the Clinic. It combines the schedule of a recent group traveling from Catholic University of America in Washington DC and mixes in different activities that could be pursued during the volunteer’s time at the clinic.

Most groups and individuals focus their workweek around clinical work, community outreach and educational programming for the community’s schools. Some of the exciting extracurricular activities the CUA group participated in during their trip are included below.


During the first day, an orientation period is recommended. This could include everything from learning about Limon itself and how to get around the city to life in the clinic. Questions and suggestions during this time are highly encouraged, as learning more about the clinic may prompt different ideas about your time with the clinic. This day should be all about exploring the city. Maybe ask for a walking tour of the area. And remember, ask lots of questions!


Diving right in with work at the clinic would be a great start to the workweek. For a medical volunteer, this could include helping the staff with injections and IVs, removing sutures, wrapping fractures or broken bones and cleaning wounds. For a non-medical volunteer, speak with the staff to find out how you can help around the clinic, assist Gustavo in the pharmacy and think about applying your individual skills in any way you can. Then, take a break, enjoy a delicious meal at Yolanda’s and help water our recently planted mango and guava trees.


 There are various schools in the surrounding area that would love to benefit from volunteer efforts. In the past, groups have visited the schools to do everything from administer de-worming medication to participate in interactive discussions with the students about diabetes and healthy eating habits. Education is a great tool and volunteers are the perfect vehicles for this tool.


The day could be split up into time at the clinic and activities that the volunteer has found to be enjoyable and productive uses of their time so far. Previous groups have led English classes, provided translation services, and created educational tools for health education classes.


Remember the excitement of your middle school Field Day? Both the students of CUA and those of Limon all had a blast during their own Field Day in March. Fun activities focused on nutrition, health and exercise were combined to create a informative and active day for all.


A visit to Equilibrio yoga sanctuary would be a relaxing way to finish off the workweek. Spend a day here filled with yoga, tours of the organic gardens and relaxing on the white-sand beaches.


To wind down an exciting and eventful week, be sure to follow up with any projects that were started during the week. Take some time to explore the Masaya markets and Granada. Enjoy your final day, soak up some sun and prepare for the trip back home, wherever that may be, and hopefully we’ll see you again soon!

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