Enhance Your Life While Improving the Well-being of Our Community – Sign Up to Volunteer Abroad

  • The volunteer’s contribution to cover participation costs varies depending on the duration of your stay. The typical volunteering period is 1 or 2 weeks and the contribution is detailed below:
    • Registration fee $200 (for all volunteers)
    • Contribution for each week $200
    • For periods greater than one month or special cases, please contact our Volunteers Coordinator, Ronnie Prado at rprado@nicaclinic.org.
    • The fee must be paid at least 1 week before your arrival date and can be processed online through Paypal or by sending a check to our US Office: The Roberto Clemente Health Clinic, 105 West Monument Street, Baltimore, MD 21201.
  • Your donation also help us to pay the salaries of our local doctors and nurses who work day and night to provide quality healthcare to our patients.
  • In addition to the program donation, we also welcome donations of medical supplies. Please note that there are some restrictions as to the types of medications that can legally be brought into Nicaragua. Please contact us at 410-369-0512 – with any questions.
  • The following are the steps to planning a volunteer trip:
    • Familiarize yourself with the information on the volunteer page
    • Fill out the volunteer registration form  or contact us at services @ nicaclinic.org and we will send the link to you. You will receive an email from our staff once we have received your registration form to discuss your individual itinerary.
    • Make your travel arrangements and notify our staff with the final dates you will be volunteering.
    • Send in required documents and required donation.
    • Set up your pick up from the airport with your hotel and try to coordinate your trip so you can start working on a Monday if possible. Our volunteer coordinator is not available Saturday or Sunday unless you are coming with a group.
    • Get ready to enjoy the afternoons and sunsets in our Nicaraguan paradise!

Make Your Donation Here:

Feel free to select the amount that you want to donate according with the time your are volunteering.

Note – We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit. All donations are tax-deductible for this tax year.

Documentation Requirements

We prefer that you send in all documents 8 weeks prior to your arrival; however we can accept volunteers up to two weeks before.

Experienced Medical Professionals (3 or more years of work experience):
1.  Registration form
2.  Copies of your licenses, permits and credentials.
3.  Copies of your Diploma if you have been practicing for 3 years or longer.
4.  Copies of your passport with picture.
5.  Up-to-date Resume or CV.
5.  Program Donation
6.  Waiver signed and notarized (we will send it by email).
7.  International travel insurance in case of an accident. with a specific EVACUATION coverage.
8. A letter with full inventory of medicines pre-approved 8 weeks before arriving if you plan on bringing a large quantity of donated medicine. If not, disregard.

Medical Bridages Volunteer
For Students, Non-Medical Professionals, and Recent Medical Professionals (less than 3 years work experience):
1.    Registration form
2.    A copy of your passport with picture
3.   Up-to-date Resume or CV.
3.   Program Donation
4.    Waiver signed and notarized (we will send it by email ones you make the donation).
5.    International travel insurance in case of an accident. with a specific EVACUATION coverage.
Call us at 410-369-0512 to answer your questions. This is the most efficient way of communication to begin setting up your volunteer vacation!