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Community-Driven Initiative Continues to Thrive

Dear Friend of the Clinic,

We are committed to working around the clock to provide services to our community. Our innovative programs and projects play a significant role in helping our community.

We continue to get our ambulance out to the remote villages to help with supplies. And with great success for a number of years now, our Healthy Eating Initiative continues to battle the high incidence of diabetes, high blood pressure, tooth decay, weight gain and anemia in the rural southwest communities of Nicaragua.

We are very proud and excited to show the amazing productive yields that have been obtained in our Clinic’s organic garden. We hope that this will get people in the surrounding communities interested in learning more about this initiative.

We’re also teaching members of the community how to take advantage of their unused lands to improve their quality of life nutritionally and economically. We provide classes in basic gardening, soil enhancement, nutrition and natural pest control.

We have seen some progress in the past couple of months. Here are some of the community organic gardens that Eliezer, our agricultural engineer, recently visited and monitored.

Virgen Morena School and Limón 2

After organizing, cleaning, tracing and preparing the land, we set out to do planting tasks.

Gladys’ Garden

This garden was created on land with a steep slope. Even though this was the only space available on her property, Gladys was still determined to start her garden. This is the second year of harvest, and more members of Gladys’ family are joining forces every day…

Yadira’s Garden

Here we have some visible results of kale and chard. 

It seems that the tomato variety in Yadira’s garden is susceptible to what is commonly referred to in Nicaragua as the “spoon virus.” With this virus, the tomato plants turn yellow and their leaves have a reduction in surface and a notable curvature that gives them a flattened appearance, hence the popular name of the virus. This virus also reduces the plants’ growth and decreases fruit production. To continue observing the plants’ behavior, we will conduct tests again in the rainy season, as the white fly – one of the insects that transmits the virus – is not as prevalent then.

Protective Mesh Delivery

On May 30, we delivered 40 rolls of mesh of excellent quality that’s used to protect the work area where new vegetables will be grown and harvested.

Seven participants of the Quascoto organic garden stopped by the Clinic to pick up their materials – even crossing a river to get there.

Everyone is extremely grateful for the endless efforts of our Clinic team.

We need funds immediately – now more than ever – to keep the Clinic staffed and fully supplied. Your generous support will make a huge impact in the lives of thousands of Nicaraguans suffering today.

The Roberto Clemente Health Clinic is supported by individual donations. We are a 501(c)(3) nonprofit registered in Maryland, so all donations are tax-deductible. We accept funds through PayPal, check and credit card. We accept stock donations as well. To donate, click here.


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