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Finding a Great Volunteer Program

Washington, DC. – Volunteer opportunities worthwhile for both volunteers and volunteer organizations.

Looking for a fun activity to make for an exciting spring break or summer vacation? Have you ever thought about volunteering abroad? Volunteering has many different benefits for both the organization and the volunteer. Here at the Roberto Clemente Clinic in Limon1, Nicaragua, volunteers provide essential services and assistance to the everyday operations of our everyday clinic staff.

Volunteering in any capacity is one of the most important contributions we can make to a community. Some of the most incredible and worthy organizations are those that operate with a large volunteer base. Volunteers add fresh energy and a new perspective to projects. Using volunteers also helps the organization promote their mission. And these experiences don’t just help the organizations. Volunteering abroad provides the opportunity to travel and explore a new city, country and culture. The volunteers gain a new life experience, and hopefully a new perspective that they can apply to their own community back home.

Once someone has decided to pursue a volunteer opportunity, deciding where to volunteer is the next step. A 2010 article in USA Today examines the different factors that go into choosing the right volunteer program. Skepticism about the legitimacy about certain programs asking for large program fees and connection between the volunteer work and the individual’s skill set and passions are important considerations. Well known volunteer organizations include the U.S. Peace Corps Program, WWOOF and United Nations Volunteers. What takes a little more research is finding a smaller, lesser-known organization to fit all of your requirements.

At the Roberto Clemente Clinic in Limon1, Nicaragua, a volunteer can experience all of the benefits mentioned above through one of the many different volunteer opportunities. The only difference is the more intimate setting of a small organization and a tight-knit team that will walk you through the process of a worthwhile experience. Here at the Roberto Clemente Clinic, volunteers provide essential services and assistance to the everyday operations of our clinic.

In 2012, a total of 67 incredible individuals dedicated their time and energy to different tasks around the Clinic, including the construction of a new storage facility, helping out with our deworming program, creating the “Fighting Diabetes Club” and the many who attend our successful annual healthcare fair.

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