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Volunteer Medical Mission

Fundacion Osana Donates Wheelchairs to Clinic in Nicaragua

In late April, a group of volunteers from Fundacion Osana volunteered at the Roberto Clemente Health Clinic in Nicaragua to facilitate the delivery, assembly, and allocation of a donation of wheelchairs to local community members.

Approximately 15 American volunteers partnered with Fundacion Osana, a local organization, and traveled to the Roberto Clemente Health Clinic in Limon, a small community in southwest Nicaragua. Volunteers delivered and built on-site about 20 wheelchairs and then distributed them to members of the community who are physically disabled and in need of this amenity. This was the second donation of wheelchairs that the Roberto Clemente Health Clinic has received since 2008.

The Roberto Clemente Health Clinic’s volunteer medical missions in Nicaragua are some of the most complete and dynamic opportunities for medical professionals who want to travel with a purpose. It offers a huge range of activities, from interacting with patients to teaching young students and members of the community about public health issues. Volunteers have the pleasure of interacting with local residents of all ages who are in need, from children to seniors.

Since 2004, the Roberto Clemente Health Clinic has served as a positive agent for change, providing free, low-cost health services to the local community, including emergency and primary care, low cost dentistry and laboratory services, internal surgeries in certain trauma cases, and ambulance service to the nearest hospital when more advanced medical attention is needed. The medical mission volunteer program is full of excellent opportunities to practice and learn in a “hands on” experience abroad, even for volunteers who are still in school.

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