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Top 10 Needs for the Clinic

Top 10 Needs for the Clinic Nicaragua

1. Funds to maintain the ambulance and the new mini-bus. The monthly operational cost of the ambulance is $1,550 including the driver’s salary.

2. Additional funding for our Expansion Project. We have partnered with The Ford Family Foundation who is willing to match our fundraising efforts dollar-for-dollar up to a total of $75,000.

3. New and used clothing in good condition for children and adults. Encourage your friends and family to clean their closets!

4. Renovation of the Clinic’s existing structure. The roof and ceiling are in need of repair and we have experienced problems with bats and water damage over the past year. These renovations are necessary to maintain the safety and comfort of our patients and staff.

5. Funds to purchase two new computers for the pharmacy and the nurses’ station.

6. EMR (Electronic Medical Record) software to maintain better and more complete patient records. Once implemented, we will be the first clinic in Nicaragua to use this system.

7. Volunteers like you! Our volunteers are critical to our success. We are constantly in need of medical professionals including doctors, nurses, nurse practitioners, physician assistants and others, as well as individuals from all backgrounds to support our outreach programs and assist our staff in their everyday operations. Please see our Volunteer Program page for more information.

8. Expanded gynecological services. We are looking to hire a new doctor/NP/PA to meet the growing demand for preventative services like Pap smear tests, pelvic exams, family planning and STD counseling and prevention.

9. Approximately $65,000 to fully equip the new facilities when construction is finished.  We are actively seeking equipment donations for a complete surgical room along with equipment and monitors for observation.

10. Equipment and supplies. This includes medical and surgical supplies, medications and dietary supplements. The following items are most urgently needed:


  • Surgical Table
  • Surgical/O.R. lights
  • Portable X ray machine with all the accessories.
  • EKG machine
  • O2 sat monitor/Pulse oximeter
  • Autoclave
  • Infant incubator or warming crib
  • I stat machine (for getting STAT labs)
  • Microscope
  • Centrifuge
  • Hemoglobin meter
  • Ventilator
  • Exam tables
  • Hospital beds
  • Endoscopy system
  • Summit Doppler L250 ABI System it has been developed as one of the most economical ABI units in the market that meets our needs. Digital Blood pressure
  • Medical Examination Kit
  • DRE Maxx Luxx II Operating Room Lights for minor surgeries

Supplies “YOU” can bring in your luggage:

-Plastic ear attachments for otoscope
-Sterile towel drapes (all sizes)
-Cotton Q-tips
-Gloves sterile all sizes)
-Ultrasound gel
-IV poles
-Lancets for checking blood sugar
-“tru” brand strips for checking blood sugar
-Vaseline gauze (xeroform)
-Humidifier for portable ABT
-Sterile bags for autoclave
-Dressing all types
-Paper tape
-Urine foley bags
-Urinary catheters, especially #18 #20 + coude catheters (for men & BPH)
-Urine drainage “leg bags”
-Masks (all you can fit in your bag)
-Tape for autoclave
-EKG paper (flat sheets, not rolls)
-Small IV connectors – from IV cath – small port for IV medication administration
-Absorbable and nylon sutures
– TRUE TEST NIPRO and Glucometers.

Other non-controlled medicines:

Tegaderm (all sizes) – Liquid suture Steri-strips – 1/2″ and 1/4″ Sterile gloves – size 7 1/2, and 6 1/2 Campos – paper and cloth for exam tables Need lots of paper campos for surgical repairs and wound dressing changes Gauze – non sterile logs (4×4 and 2×2) Need lots of 4×4 logs Betadine liquid (litre) Saline (wound care) (litre) Sterile water (wound care) (litre) Eyewash – 500 ml bottle Eye patch Plastic bags for farmacia medications that can be used with labels or a Sharpie pen to write the contents Empty bottles with screw on lids for mixing solutions for wound care Tape – paper and cloth, all sizes Kerlix rolls – 4″ Coban – 3″ and 4″ Limb stabilizors – neck, arm, and leg Crutches – adult and pediatrics Nebulizer masks – pediatric and adult (more peds than adults) Chair for consultorio (doctor) Pampered Chef knife and scissors sharpener

* Acetaminophen (Acetaminofen) * Amoxicillin (Amoxicilina) * Trimethoprim Sulfa (Trimetroprim Sulfa) * Eritromicine (Eritromicina) * Penicillin (Penicilina benzatinca) * Penicillin (Penicilina procainica) * Metronidazole (Metronidazol) * Mebendazol (Mebendazol) * Diphenhydramine (Difenidramina) * Salbutamol (Salbutamol) * Ibuprofen (Ibuprofeno) * Indomethacin (Indometacina) * (Dipronova) * (Buscapina) * Enalapril (Enalapril) * (Furocemida) * (Carbamazepina) * Phenobarbital (Fenobarbital) * Diazepam (Diazepam) * Dextromethorphan (Dextrometorfano) * (Bromexina) * Dextrose (Dextrosa) * Saline Solution (Solucion Salina) * (Solucion Harmart) * Distilled Water (Agua Destilada) * Clotrimazol Crème (Clotrimazol Crema) * Hydrocortisone (Hidrocortizona) * Diphenhydramine (Difenidramina) * Alcohol (Alcohol) * Gloves (Guantes) * (Silocaina) * Cotton (Algodon) * Adhesives (Esparadrapos) * Normal Bandages (vendas simples) * Elastic Bandages (Vendas Elasticas) * Lotion (Crema) * Amoxacilina * Dicloxacilina * Eritromicina * Lincomicina 300mg * Nitrofurantoina * Amikacina * Ciprofloxacina * Gentamicina * Trimetropin sulfa * Antiparasitarios * Albendazol * Tinidazol * Lincomicina 600 mg * Ciprofloxacina * Gentamicina * Ceftriazone * Tetraciclina * Clindamicina

Food for under-weight children:

1. Chromium is a trace mineral responsible for the regulation of insulin as well as the metabolism of carbohydrates, fats, and protein. Many of our patients experience low chromium levels.
2. Biotin—essential for immune system health and protein metabolism.
3. Riboflavin (Vitamin B12) is critical for overall muscle mass and growth.
4. Vitamin E is an outstanding antioxidant and works towards the growth of cells as well as repairs.
5. Thiamine (Vitamin B1) aids in the metabolism of proteins and in muscle growth.
6. High protein shakes.
7. Super-multivitamins to support adequate nutrition.
8. High-calorie snacks and protein bars for underweight children.