Don’t Take For Granted This Simple Lifesaving Device

Dear Clinic Supporter, If you went for a morning jog and had a bad fall, you may curse yourself and wonder, “Did I fracture something?” You may apply some ice and give the injury a rest, but if it gets worse – you’ll decide to go in for an X-ray at a facility close to … Continued

Spanish for Health Professionals Online Program with Practicum in Nicaragua

  Dear Friend of our Nica Clinic, The Spanish for Health Professionals Certificate (SHP) is a specialized online program designed to improve working knowledge of medical Spanish and cultural competence. Geared toward current and future health professionals with basic to no Spanish language background. The practicum in Nicaragua involves volunteering at our Clinic. Class Hours:  35 hours … Continued

Mayo Trae Cálidas Noticias Desde Nuestra Clínica

  ¡Tenemos una Nueva Reina! Hace unos meses, estábamos emocionados de compartir la noticia de la creación de una segunda colonia de abejas. Después de dos meses de multiplicación artificial (intervención humana) y seguimiento continuo del comportamiento de las abejas, pudimos confirmar la presencia de una nueva “reina”. La abeja reina es el componente principal … Continued

May Brings Warm News From Our Nica Clinic

  We Have a New Queen! A few months ago, we were excited to share the news about the creation of a second bee colony. After two months of artificial multiplication (human intervention) and continuous monitoring of the bees’ behavior, we were able to confirm the presence of a new “queen.” The queen bee is … Continued