May Brings Warm News From Our Nica Clinic

  We Have a New Queen! A few months ago, we were excited to share the news about the creation of a second bee colony. After two months of artificial multiplication (human intervention) and continuous monitoring of the bees’ behavior, we were able to confirm the presence of a new “queen.” The queen bee is … Continued

Terminando un Año de Gran Expansión y Mirando al Futuro

  Estimados Amigos de Nuestra Clínica, Al dejar 2016 atrás, queremos tomar un momento para agradecerles todo su apoyo. Ustedes son la razón por la cual podemos ofrecer acceso comprensible a programas de salud y bienestar de alta calidad en una empobrecida región rural de Nicaragua. Nuestros programas continúan creciendo, y la comunidad está muy … Continued

Ending a Great Expansion Year and Looking Into the Future

  Dear Friend of our Nica Clinic, As we leave 2016 behind us, we want to take a moment to thank you for all your support. You are the reason we can provide affordable access to high-quality healthcare and wellness programs in an impoverished rural region of Nicaragua. Our programs continue to grow, and the … Continued

Taking Care of the Latest Health Alert…

  Global Officials just issued a “YELLOW ALERT” Warnings from leading authorities like the CDC and WHO are escalating.  The enemy is not what you think it is. We could go to “red alert” levels if we don’t act now, putting future generations in great peril. But there is good news, as you can read … Continued