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Organic Gardens and Beekeeping

To close out the year, we decided to arrange a little gathering with the families who have started their own organic gardens. Eight lovely women were kind enough to prepare some healthy foods for about 50 people.

All the produce – yucca, oranges, lemons, cucumbers, tomatoes, etc. – came from their own bountiful gardens.

After the exquisite meal, we played some games and presented each family with a certificate of recognition for their great efforts throughout 2017.

Everyone is so grateful for this Healthy Eating Initiative. We hope we can expand this program in 2018 to help new families and continue to support those who are already part of it.

We have managed to grow more than 40 different types of fruits and vegetables, which undoubtedly provide more diverse nutrients for these families.

A special thanks to all the volunteers who visited our Clinic last year and supported this project. We greatly appreciate it and admire your enthusiasm to help us out!

Sweet News About Our Beekeeping Program!

In January 2017, we had two beehives – and today we have four!

In January, we were able to extract about 18 liters from three hives. It is worth mentioning that the yield is low since we should be extracting at least 8 liters per hive. However, our main goal is to reproduce the hives, and during this process, it is advisable not to remove all the honey.

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