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Roberto Clemente Clinic New Pediatrician

A new face was recently added to the Roberto Clemente health team

Dr. Mario José Toruño Quiroz will act as our in-house pediatrician. We are honored to welcome Dr. Toruño and proud to acknowledge this addition as the completion of a distinguished, full medical staff working 24/7 to meet the needs of our community.

Dr. Toruño graduated from the Universidad Nacional Autónoma in the city of León and received his degree in pediatric surgery from the Hospital la Mascota in Managua. He has previously worked at UNAM in the towns of León and Managua. He most recently acted as Director of Pediatric Surgery in the Clínica Medica Previsional in Rivas.

He currently comes to the clinic every Thursday to see between 15 to 25 patients, from newborn to adolescents. He also helps us to see regular patients when Dr. Flores is very busy. For 2013 we are expecting to double the amount of patients and possibly add a second day during the week when Dr. Toruño will assist the clinic.

The clinic provides low cost preventative care, emergency services, dental care and laboratory service to the underserved in the area.  Additionally, we build networks by bringing foreign students and medical professionals to Nicaragua and partner with other NGOs locally and internationally.

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