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Nica Clinic’s Minibus

The clinic boasts new minibus

Limon, Nicaragua – After three long months of preparation and several years of saving, the Clinic has finally acquired a new minibus!

The new vehicle will provide a much-needed mode of daily transportation for clinic staff, which has increased from the initial staff of three to its current total of nineteen. Before this exciting acquisition, the staff had to travel either on the unreliable local transportation or find a ride to the clinic. On occasion, the nurses and pharmacists have hitched rides on top of passing-by dump trucks in order to arrive at work on time. The clinic’s monthly volunteers will also rely heavily on the minibus during their volunteer tenures in Limon. Rides to and from the airport will be easier to coordinate and traveling around the community to different projects will help the volunteers access more of the area and interact more easily with the community to maximize their time with the clinic.

Now, the medical and administrative staff will be able to find safe and reliable daily transportation to the clinic in order to treat the patients who rely on their work at the clinic. The minibus will not only serve the clinic as transportation for staff and volunteers, but also will facilitate transportation of medical donations from Managua and other foundations in Nicaragua and reduce the usage of the clinic ambulance for other more important errands. Overall, the addition of the minibus will help alleviate many different daily transportation issues.

The clinic would especially like to thank anyone involved in the process, including the devoted team members who dedicated time to the new acquisition, as well as the donors. Without the undying loyalty of these donors, many current and future projects at the clinic would not be possible.

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