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Medical Volunteer Abroad Programs

Volunteer Abroad Nicaragua – Do Yourself Some Good, While Doing Good for Others

When you volunteer abroad it’s not only the people in need who benefit, but all that you will learn from our team.

Our Volunteer Program has been growing tremendously this year. Please check this video to get a 360 degree view of all the amazing experience you will enjoy with us.

Volunteer in Nicaragua meet new people some of whom become life-long friends. Volunteer Abroad in Nicaragua offers the opportunity to experience other cultures to learn things not found in books or classrooms, and to gain a new perspective on the world at large.



“Volunteering in Nicaragua, is for sure the best decision you can take this year”.

Whether you’re looking for a change of pace (or scenery!) from your current medical/healthcare career or are looking for an exciting way to fulfill your internship responsibilities,  The Roberto Clemente Clinic in Nicaragua presents an invaluable volunteer opportunity in Nicaragua: the chance to combine the thrilling adventure of travel with the benevolent acti of giving back to those in need in our community in Limon, Nicaragua.

Contact Juan Munoz,  at jmunoz @ nicaclinic.org 410-369-0512 our US Executive Director, to find out more about this exciting overseas volunteer program.

Volunteer Program Abroad

If discovering a new country through surfing, camping, horseback riding and hiking sounds ideal to you, consider a volunteer vacation to Nicaragua!

Imagine a morning filled with the smiling faces of children eager to learn basic math skills from you, followed by an afternoon of leisure at the beach. What about discovering nature while strolling forest trails brimming with monkeys and exotic birds in the morning? What about an afternoon of self-discovery and rewarding experience as you teach essentials sanitation practice to people without plumbing?

Volunteering at the Roberto Clemente Clinic can even give you the unmatchable experience of working side-by-side with our doctors and nurses to helo save lives or help create new healthcare programs for the clinic and possibly, the entire community.

Volunteer Vacations in Nicaragua Can Re-Energize The Body and The Brain

Even on short notice (2 weeks), we can organize a robust, yet balanced schedule of volunteering endeavors in Nicaragua and volunteers are also welcome to plan activities on their own. You can even stay at a resort while on your overseas volunteer vacation! For example, there is a terrific, small hotel nearby with ocean view as second options: Buena Onda Beach Resort. This cozy, family-style hotel features eight rooms, all situated around the open air restaurant and the swimming pool. All rooms have access to a bright and spacious covered patio area.


“Thank you for the opportunity to volunteer and help people living in such awful conditions. I truly enjoyed my time in Nicaragua, especially helping pregnant women that came for consultation. Dr. Flores and staff were wonderful.”

Barbara  Jordan, Physician Assistant/OBGYN


What Volunteers in Nicaragua Actually Do?

In general, medical and non-medical volunteers, nurses or Physician Assistant are desperately needed to provide patient care to impoverished children and their parents. Our staff in Nicaragua will match your medical skills to fit our current needs.

Because access to medical services in Limon 1, Nicaragua is often limited, healthcare volunteers abroad help us to provide services such as diabetes screenings, tooth extractions, wellness checks for babies and pre-natal exams in our local clinic.

While the needs and the working conditions are very basic, your ‘hands-on’ contribution will be life-changing.

Nonetheless, if you are a professional in other areas or a college or high school student and want to volunteer abroad, our health clinic is the best option for you.

You’ll have the opportunity to spend time in Limon 1, Nicaragua running our public health programs, while learning about our internal procedures, patient care and much more.

And of course, we welcome donations of medical supplies, but there are some restrictions as to the types of medications can legally be brought into Nicaragua. Please contact us at 410-777-2686 – with any questions.

I Don’t Have a Medical Background But Still Want to Be Part of Your Volunteer Program in Nicaragua!

Don’t worry! We can match your individual skill set to a local need. social workers, students, teachers, and any type of background will be very useful. Our international volunteers have included everybody from Peace Corps participants to high school, college and graduate students to retired professionals looking for a new challenge.

Contact us at 410-369-0512  to find out how your skills can be put into action in Nicaragua!

OK, I Am Ready to Volunteer Abroad in Nicaragua, What Do You Need From Me?

For Medical Professionals

Trained professionals interested in practicing in The Roberto Clemente Clinic will need to furnish the following documents eigth weeks prior to your trip:

  • A notarized letter of intention (in Spanish) describing the type of volunteer work you would like to perform if you are a medical certified professional. (We can provide the template for you to complete)
  • Copies of your licences , permits, credentials.
  • Copies of your Diploma if you have been practicing for 5 years and up.
  • Copies of your passport with picture.
  • Resume or CV up today.
  • $200 transportation fee plus a feedback report with your assessment of the Clinic’s services and training vs. foreign standards when you have 5 years of work experience. If you do not want to get all those documents you can be a regular volunteer and shadow the medical team. CLICK HERE TO MAKE THE DONATION
  • Registration form and waiver signed.
  • A letter with full inventory of medicines pre-approved 8 weeks before arriving.
  • Your Spanish must be good, otherwise you must hire a local translator for approximately $40 per day.


For Students and Any Other Type of Volunteers

  • A copy of your passport with picture.
  • Resume or CV up to date.
  • Donation of $400. Click Here
  • Registration form and waiver signed.
  • International insurance in case of an accident.
  • Local translator is available at your own cost $40/daily per person or group of five people.


What other costs are associated with this Volunteer Program

While there are some basic fixed costs, your choice of accommodations will determine the final pricing:

  • Airfare ranges from US$500 to $800 based on travel dates chosen, time of year and departure city.
  • Round-trip transportation from Managua to the Clinic is US$240. The SUV can be coordinated with the hotel and it has room for 4 people. Local transportation to schools, other hospital and medical visits plus transportation from hotel to the clinic is included.
  • Hotels are available at different levels at Limon 1, Rivas: from $300 to $560 (weekly, to be paid locally; includes three meals daily) our best recommendation is https://www.buenaondaresort.com/ excellent views and 1 minutes walk to the beach. Rancho Santana with more rooms and houses to rent.
  • Program donation of $400 to be paid before arriving to Nicaragua.
  • Spending money of $50 per week.

Enhance Your Life While Improving the

Well-being of Our Community

Sign Up to Volunteer Abroad

Call us at 410-777-8626 to answer your questions. This is the most efficient way of communication to begin setting up your volunteer vacation!

You can even get expedite the process by sending your program donation online.

Once you have made your travel and accommodation arrangements, we will provide you with a detailed itinerary – everything from pick-up at the airport and volunteering opportunities in Nicaragua.