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March 2007 Newsletter

Queridos Amigos,

Spring is almost here and there have been many changes at the Clinic since our last update in November!

The Clinic’s new schedule of 24-hour availability, 7 days a week has greatly increased the number of services we have been able to provide to the locals and visitors of the region. Dr. Julio Flores and his team at the Clinic have been working very hard and the Clinic’s wonderful reputation has continued to grow in Nicaragua and abroad. We are very excited about what the rest of the year will bring.

You can also volunteer overseas with our partner organization FIRMC. Volunteer in Nicaragua is very easy and you do not necessarily need to be in the healthcare industry. We can receive any kind of volunteers; especially those who want to have an international volunteer experience and contribute to the humanitarian world class.

I. Juan Vargas

First of all, we are very happy to report that we have hired a new Administrative Director for the Clinic, Juan Vargas! Juan will be responsible for handling many of the administrative and operating issues relating to the Clinic so that the others can focus on the medical and clinical side. He has many years of experience working at other non-profit aid organizations in Nicaragua and in his first few weeks he has already accomplished a great deal to help the Clinic run more efficiently.

II. Roberto Clemente-Rancho Santana Clinic Raffle

In January we held a Raffle that also served as our winter fundraiser for the Clinic. The wonderful prizes included beautiful Nicaraguan pottery, a Nicaraguan rum, coffee and cigar gift basket, our book: Coastal Living on the Nicaraguan Riviera: Rancho Santana & Los Perros, and several trips including a three-night stay at Rancho Santana. We are happy to report that the Raffle went very well. We had more than 100 entries and raised close to $6,000 dollars, which will be matched 100% by Agora, Inc. Thanks to all Raffle participants and winners for helping to make the event a success!

III. January Board Meeting

The Clinic’s Board of Directors met in January and had a productive meeting where they discussed all that was accomplished in 2006 and the Clinic’s plans for 2007. They agreed to enter into a partnership with the American Nicaraguan Foundation (ANF) to provide supplementary nutrition and clothing to children from 0 to 6 years of age. The Clinic will also still continue the other public health programs that it has established in the community.

The Board also nominated and then approved Margie Fincham as a new member of the Board. Margie is a registered nurse and clinician in California who already serves as our U.S. Healthcare Manager. Her knowledge, energy, and dedication to the Clinic and the community it serves will make Margie a wonderful addition to the Board of Directors.

IV. Margie Fincham’s Visit

Our new Board member and our U.S. Healthcare Manager for the Clinic, Margie Fincham, recently spent ten days in February at the Clinic assisting Dr. Flores and his team. Here, Margie shares her thoughts from her latest visit:

“One should never be surprised by the slow yet major changes that occur in Nicaragua and at the Roberto Clemente Clinic in particular over the past nine months. My recent ten-day trip revealed a new elevated water tank to allow for water when the electricity is off.

The newly hired administrator, Juan Vargas, is sharing his tiny space and making progress at organizing the business aspects of the Clinic while learning to adjust to the cooperative effort that makes this primary care facility distinguished in the region.

We “gringos” can be grateful that clinical professionals are within reach for treatment. This trip I assisted with several accident cases as well as surfer injuries that could have become serious if untreated. I am trying to help bring health standards that are expected in more affluent countries to this region of Nicaragua. Poco a poco, grain by grain, I have seen that change is possible.”

V. Registration & Financial Review

We are happy to report that Fernando Somarriba, our hard working volunteer lawyer in Nicaragua, has almost completed process of getting the Clinic officially registered by the Nicaraguan government. Juan Vargas, Margie Fincham, and Doctor Flores have all attended meetings in Managua to help complete the process. Back in Baltimore, we are also completing a financial review of the Clinic for the year 2006.

VI. Coastal Living on the Nicaraguan Riviera: Rancho Santana and Los Perros

We are very happy to report that we are once again offering our coffee book Coastal Living on the Nicaraguan Riviera: Rancho Santana and Los Perros for sale. This gorgeous pictorial highlights the beautiful land and culture that surround our Clinic. In addition to securing a wonderful reminder of our Pacific Eden, your purchase provides an invaluable service to the residents of Tola, Nicaragua because 60% of the purchase price of this book is donated to the Clinic. If you’ve previously donated to the Clinic, thank you again. Every dollar makes a difference. And if you would like to donate again, or purchase an additional copy of the book for friends or family, please click here.

VII. Supplies Donations

We are also still accepting donations of medicines and supplies for the Clinic. Please note that we cannot accept expired medications because they will not be accepted at customs. To see what supplies are most needed at the Clinic, please give us a call or send as an email and for more information, contact Julia Guth at [email protected].

Shipping to Nicaragua is very expensive; therefore once we receive donations, we usually store them until we have collected enough to make an entire shipment. Right now we are investigating the best way to store these donations. If anyone knows of storage space that we would be able to use, please let us know at [email protected].

VIII. Future Plans

We are further along in our plans to create an emergency power system to counteract the frequent power outages in the area where the Clinic is located. Margie Fincham has designed a backup energy plan consisting of a combination of wind, solar, and most immediately, a back-up generator, and on her February trip she meet with authorities in Nicaragua to further the project along. We are also still working on buying an ambulance for the Clinic to assist Dr. Flores and his team to make house calls and deal with other emergencies. If you would to donate for this purpose please click here.

We have much to accomplish and we cannot do it without your help. As you know, the Clinic is sustained entirely through contributions from people like you, people who see value in helping others and impacting future generations. We are happy to remind you that Agora Publishing in Baltimore is continuing its policy of matching all donations to the Clinic by 100% for another year. If you are interested in making a donation, please click here. Volunteers with medical experience are still needed at the Clinic. If you are interested, please click here for volunteer requirements and an application.

Have a wonderful Spring!

Joemma Berberich,
U.S. Assistant Manager
Roberto Clemente Santa Ana Clinic Inc
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Email: [email protected]


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