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Heartwarming News This Holiday Season

Roberto Clemente Health Clinic

Dear Friend of the Clinic,

Today we share a heartwarming story that underscores the impact your donations have on the Nicaraguan communities surrounding the Clinic.

Ricardo Nororis is from San Ignacio and joined the Clinic’s Padrino Program in 2012. Ever since Ricardo joined our Clinic family, we’ve known he was special. He showed brilliance, commitment and a rare drive for success.

Image of Ricardo Nororis at his graduationHis story has not always been a positive one, with life throwing many difficult things his way. When he was only 7 years old, his mother abandoned his family. In 2018, Ricardo lost his grandmother, who was like a mother to both him and his sister. In 2020, he lost his father during the COVID-19 pandemic. While he had many reasons to give up, Ricardo instead decided to continue forward with his passions and worked even harder to achieve his dreams. Despite the hardships he faced, November 18 was a day of celebration!

Last month, The Roberto Clemente Health Clinic joined Ricardo at his graduation from Annunciata University in Rivas, where he received his English degree.


It is truly a privilege for us to celebrate this achievement in Ricardo’s life. And we give thanks for the support of The Roberto Clemente Health Clinic and the university scholarship program funded by Mr. Walter van Woudenberg. We have accompanied Ricardo for the last 14 years, helping him grow personally and professionally. We are proud to say he is one of the most dedicated and smartest men we have had the privilege of knowing.

Image of Ricardo Nororis

After graduation, Ricardo took a job as an English teacher to help support his family. From the Clinic team and Ricardo, we are deeply grateful for the support he received during his educational journey.

From our Clinic family to yours, happy holidays!


Julia C. Guth

Chair of the Board and FounderThe Roberto Clemente Health Clinic