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Computer Outreach Program

To all the AMAZING owners at Rancho Santana

Thanks to you we are in the middle of a minor miracle!

Tessa and I met Dave Sevick on a flight in February to Atlanta from Managua. He had just delivered computers to a community in Nicaragua and was exploring support avenues for the Managua dump residents. He asked us to be aware of need for future computers. Little did he know…

When we learned that he had a shipment ready to bring south, we immediately thought of our dear friends, James Womack who, with his wife Gabriella (a yoga teacher at RS), operate a public library in Selenas. We secured 6 computers for the library, APRENDER. Upon further reflection, we contacted Juan Munoz at the Roberto Clemente clinic to see if the clinic could use any computers. Juan was able to canvas the entire area and ascertain the need for computers for all the schools from Selenas to Tola. The number: 80 computers. The Roberto Clemente Clinic will donate the transportation, volunteer and will coordinate the distribution of these computers.

80 computers were available from Dave’s end and only needed sponsors at $50.00 each. Tessa and I took a chance that the rules for this HALO group would permit this kind of request. We are amazed at the response from all of you. To be honest, we have been on vacation this past week in Montana and have been so energized each day as your pledges have come in. What a joy to be a part of such a giving community!

We are so close to a complete subscription. Thank you each and every one for your generous gift.

Additional gifts are still welcome and we will get back to you soon with the final tally.

You should also know that Rancho Santana has gifted 20 computers. It’s nice to be in business (and community) with people who know where their heart is.

Sincerely, Scott y Tessa
La Casa Mas Alta (P13-14)

P.S.: Remember that you can come and donate your time throughout our volunteer program. For more information please click here.