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Celebrating Better Nutrition

It is the first anniversary of our beloved Nutrition Program!

We started this initiative in early 2017 to help the children of our Padrino Program, with the intention of improving their quality of life and future.

These children have won our hearts. Motivated by the great results, we now offer nutritional packs, not only to the sponsored children but also to their entire families. We believe that it is important for children to understand the importance of consuming healthy foods and the benefits it could bring to their everyday lives, such as increasing their academic performance.

The significance of this project in the 51 families who currently participate is tangible. We are proud to provide our grain of sand toward a more promising future for these children.

The Padrino Program has helped more than 70 children since its initiation. We recently distributed school supplies, as we do biannually. The children received backpacks, uniforms and shoes, as well as a food plan.

The children also received their biannual medical and dental exams, as well as deworming medicine as part of their check-ups.

Children who present degrees of malnutrition are now being monitored through the Nutrition Program. We are happy to inform that we observed improvements at the end of last year, but it is imperative for these kids to continue receiving their food plans and deworming medicines in order to reach full recovery.

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