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A Program Founded in Care

Dear Friend of the Clinic,

The Diabetes Club started in 2017 due to the need to improve the health conditions and quality of life in patients being seen at the Clinic.

Image of members of the Diabetes Club

Dra. Ruiz noticed an influx of patients developing diabetes mellitus and other comorbidities with acute and chronic complications. For this reason, Dra. Ruiz and the Clinic team developed this community-centered project to ensure specialized and comprehensive medical care for patients with diabetes. This program provides diabetes medical care, medication, glucose and glycosylated hemoglobin tests completely FREE in the areas surrounding the Clinic. Our team also works hard to provide educational modules structured around strengthening the community’s general knowledge about diabetes – providing information on better eating habits, empowering patients, and destigmatizing diabetes.

Image of members of the Diabetes Club providing diabetes care

The Clinic provides these services in collaboration with the Public Health Ministry located in Nicaragua, holding monthly meetings at various community health clinics. These meetings always begin with a focused topic regarding diabetes, such as usual complications, facts about diseases, or home-care plans. After these presentations, the Clinic’s team of nurses take the participants’ vitals and glucose levels. Finally, the doctors provide medical attention and the appropriate medications to each patient. The Clinic team also provides volunteers ranging from podiatry, nutrition, endocrinology, and psychology experts to provide the greatest number of high-quality resources to those in our Club!

Image of members during a meeting

This year we have 18 patients that regularly visit the Clinic for all activities, but around 40 people in surrounding remote communities that receive diabetic care during Community Outreach visits. A huge THANK YOU to our Clinic staff and Dra. Ruiz for coordinating and providing care through this program.

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Caitlin Kratz
Administrative Coordinator
U.S. Development Office