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2012 Operational Report Clinica Roberto Clemente

Apreciados Amigos de la clínica,

While our team shines in Nicaragua, our Executive Board continues their great support to help us grow.

In response to a new local project that requested our medical services we expanded our medical team to facilitate new shift rotations, which allows us to provide 24/7 service at the clinic.

We also expanded our services. From the acquisition of a top-of-the-line GE portable ultrasound, to the institution of Wednesday as the Dental Services Day, the new Pediatrician and Lab Technician who assist on Thursdays; all of these services are an exceptional improvement to our capacity.

Each year, our local and international reputation grows. As a result, the number of foundations and health organizations that count on us to distribute their donations has increased.

This year, we have located sponsors for almost all of the children in our initial Padrino Program database. This program was created in 2010 and continues to thrive. Our Volunteer Program has also experienced great success; there was a non-stop flow of volunteers during the past year. We not only brought over healthcare professionals but also a volunteer pool ranging from specialists, professionals, new graduates completing their residency to senior and junior nurses to students from all over the world. We recently hosted a nurse doing her last credit courses on location in Limon where she was able to practice and receive final evaluations from our team. The volunteers’ support is amazing. They come with specific topics related to public health education and they take charge by educating our community – adults and students alike– and improving the quality of life in this region.

I welcome you to become a volunteer, a member of our medical advisory board, or a valuable donor for 2013! There are so many ways you and your family or friends can contribute to our projects. Spreading the word is extremely valuable. Only with your help can we achieve our vision for the Clinic next year.

Los esperamos en Limón 1, Nicaragua.

Juan Muñoz
Executive Director

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