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What Our Volunteers Abroad in Nicaragua Said

Khizer Subhani
I really enjoyed my stay and time at the Roberto Clemente Clinic. As soon we got there we were emerged into the culture and into the different tasks the clinic and community at large needed. It was very rewarding to see and meet the Nicaraguan people and hear about their struggles and problems they were facing. We enjoyed laughs and smiles together while also engaging in fruitful discussions and great advise. Though we came to help and assist them but rather I feel they advised and helped us.

Kori Flower
It was a real pleasure and privilege to be able to join and work side by side with the hardworking and dedicated regular local physicians and staff. In a challenging context of poverty and limited resources, the clinic provides an invaluable service to the community, and I was pleased to be able to join them in service.

Jason Ziegler
I was very impressed with the staff at Roberto Clemente Clinic. I focused my volunteer work on helping the doctors and nurses. I also aided in wound care and assisted in sutures for minor traumas. My Spanish was minimal when I arrived, and after two weeks, I was speaking basic conversational Spanish with confidence. I wish I could stay for a longer time to continue my practice in medicine and Spanish. The physicians, nurses, and other staff were extremely helpful in making my stay both educational and constructive. The clinic was kept in order and cleaned frequently. The staff were very helpful in attending needs of patients and volunteers. I hope the clinic continues to grow and I will certainly contribute to the further development of Roberto Clemente Clinic in the future.

Petra Coronado
From the very beginning, the staff at the clinic was very accommodating and welcoming. Everyone’s friendly faces and willingness to help/teach/learn was extraordinary. I had some great experiences helping the people in the community – they were extremely grateful and it was such a pleasure to be able to help them learn about disease processes and make dietary adjustments. The memory that will always stick in my mind is when we went to the public clinic to educate a group of female members of the local community about diabetes and high blood pressure. The ladies were so eager to learn and treated us with a lot of respect and courtesy. We recommended dietary adjustments to improve their diet and, in return, waist size. They were very interested and I believe that some of the ladies had an eye-opening experience as to how they could participate in bettering their health. At the end of our “charla” we received hugs and kisses on the cheek in return for sharing our knowledge and experience. It was a truly unique experience to be appreciated in such a heart-felt way!

Christopher Hopkins
Volunteering in a rural clinic in Nicaragua helped me gain sight of who I am as a person by solidifying my desire to pursue a career in health care and by giving me a new sense of cultural awareness. Strategically located between several towns within the providence of Rivas, Nicaragua is the Roberto Clemente Health Clinic. The time I spent at this clinic could best be described as exhilarating, educational, and insightful. As a college freshman, who is toying with the idea of entering the medical field, this experience meant a great deal to me. The trip served as my first significant volunteer experience as an adult. There was an immediate sense of independence and trust that I felt from the employees of the clinic which served as the keystone for my entire experience in Nicaragua. With the full support of the clinic I was able to explore several areas in which I was interested. These areas include: language improvement, public health service, and general medical practices and treatments. I spent my time translating for other volunteers, checking vital signs, giving talks to the local community, renovating a fence, and helping with the Bio-intensive garden project!

It was a great experience learning about health and living condition of people in a new place. The staffs at the clinic were very helpful and always were willing to teach despite language barriers. Everyone seemed welcoming and helpful. Enjoyed teaching and learned a lot as well.