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Water Treatment Project Development

Timeline for Water Treatment and Distribution Project

Phase 1 – Planning and Development

We are pleased to announce that the planning phase of our vision has begun.  We have recently received enough funding to start the development and Rancho Santana has graciously granted us access to the main water well with the help of experts in the field.

We have already ordered the necessary equipment and tanks that will be located in the back of our clinic.  We plan to immediately pour the foundation and start construction on the building addition where the filtration system will be located.  We will soon be installing the pipes that join the well to the filtration system and are building racks to store 200 5-gallon water tanks safely.

We plan to create a system to clean and sanitize the tanks when the people from the community come to refill them.
In the meantime, we are creating a marketing strategy that will enable us to distribute the water. 
This project would not be possible without the generous support of our donors.  We would like to express our appreciation to Richard Mansberger and the Jordan family – Freddie N., Maria, Randy, Fred, Mike and Barb.

Phase 2 – Construction

We hired a team of construction workers to lay the foundation and build the structure.  After 3 weeks of intense work, the building is complete!

We have purchased a 3-stage filtration system which allows for demineralization, UV filtration and chlorination of the water prior to distribution.  The company we purchased it from will begin installing the system immediately.  We have also purchased an ECO TANK which will serve as a backup for the filtration system.

We have secured the doors, installed and connected the electricity that will run the system.

Phase 3 – Finalizing the Details

We are almost there!
One of our Board members, Barbara Jordan, visited the clinic and was pleased to see the progress of the Water Filtration and Distribution Project first-hand.

This will be the first water filtration system in this region and there are many logistical details that need to be addressed before it can be put into operation.

We have sent a sample of our purified water to a reputable laboratory in Nicaragua where they will test it to confirm its drinkability.  We have sent our documentation to the Minister of Health.  They did an inspection and we are currently working on their suggestions in order to obtain license.

Phase 4 – Implementation

We have received reports from the laboratory who tested our water.  They have confirmed that our water meets all the standards required to begin distribution.

Our Executive Director, Juan Muñoz, presented it to members of the community who are excited about their new source of clean water.

We are pleased to announce that our Water Filtration and Distribution Program is ready and working!
Our deepest gratitude to everyone who has supported us and helped this vision come true!