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The Roberto Clemente Team in Nicaragua

Gustavo Ibarra, Operational Manager
Mr. Ibarra worked as the head of our pharmacy since 2008. He monitored inventory and medication consumption, oversaw two assistants, and assisted in daily operational tasks.

Recently, Mr. Ibarra has been promoted as the new Operational Manager for the Clinic. He now supervises the entire operation including the legal and administrative affairs. He continues to demonstrate an excellent commitment to the interests of the clinic and one of his goals is to improve the quality of care provided and expand the services for the clinic.

Because he comes from a family of medical professionals, he took a quick interest in pharmacy and enjoys the interaction he has with our clients. He enrolled in the University JeJacques Rousseau in 2003 where he studied for four years and graduated with a degree in Pharmaceuticals and Faculty of Medical Sciences.

While attending university he worked at the pharmacy in the San Martin Clinic in Rivas. After graduation, in 2007, he worked for almost two years at the Pharmacy Meridional also in Rivas. In 2008, he began working for Roberto Clemente where he has remained. He is originally from Rivas where he still lives with his 2 year old daughter. Aside from working at the clinic he owns a gym in Rivas and in his free time likes to exercise and educate others on the importance of doing daily physical activity. In the future, he hopes to continue studying and one day receive a master’s degree also in pharmacy.

Francis Guevara, Medical Director

Dr. Guevara started working at the Roberto Clemente Health Clinic in 2013. She recently was promoted as the Medical Director for the Clinic. Before starting her medical career, Francis went to school at the Colegio Americano in Managua for five years where she was also able to study English every weekend. Upon graduation, she studied at the Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Nicaragua in Leon from 2004 to 2009 where she received her doctorate in surgical medicine. From 2010 to 2011, Francis did her residency at the Gaspar Garcia Laviana Hospital in Rivas. After medical school, she fulfilled the required two years of social work in Rio San Juan. Her first year was in the community El Proyecto and the second year in the health center in Morrito. Francis now enjoys her work at Roberto Clemente, seeing it as a fulfilling asset to the community. In the near future, Francis hopes to specialize in plastic surgery, which requires four years of studies and practical work in Managua.

Auxiliadora Rivera, Accountant

Maria Gabriela Borge, General Practitioner
Dr. Borge is originally from Rivas, Nicaragua. She began working at the Roberto Clemente Health Clinic in 2013 where she strives to help people in the community better their state of health. Dr. Borge got her start in 2004 at the Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Nicaragua in Managua where she graduated with a doctorate in surgical medicine. In 2010, she worked for one year at the Gaspar Garcia Laviana Hospital in Rivas. After completing her residency, she fulfilled her two years of social work at the health center in Altas Gracias located on the Island of Ometepe. In the future, Dr. Borge would like to become a pediatrician, which would require another 3 to 4 years of studies and practical work in Managua.

Dr. Mario José Toruño Quiroz, Pediatrician
Dr. Toruno graduated from the Universidad Nacional Autónoma in the city of León and received his degree in pediatric surgery from the Hospital la Mascota in Managua. He has previously worked at UNAM in the towns of León and Managua. He most recently acted as Director of Pediatric Surgery in the Clínica Medica Previsional in Rivas.

He currently comes to the clinic every Thursday and sees 15 to 25 patients, from newborns to adolescents. He also helps us to see regular patients when Dr. Flores is very busy. In 2013, we are expecting to double the amount of patients and possibly add a second day during the week when Dr. Toruño will assist the clinic.

Alejandro Jose Guerrero, General Practitioner
Dr. Guerrero has a degree from UNAN Managua as a General surgery Doctor that he obtained in 2005.  He also obtained a specialization in HIV from UNAN in 2008 and finished his residency in 2012 at the HERCG in Managua.  He has been working for the Minister of Health since 2007 doing his rotations.  His last position was a public health advisor for Municipal de Nandaime in 2011.  He also served as advisor for an international non-profit called Wellness Foundation Children’s located in Grenada in 2013.

Luis Carlos Barillas, Dentist
Dr. Barillas began working with the clinic in July of 2013 where he offers dental services every Wednesday morning. Before attending university he received his high school education in Rivas and Tola. He then began his dental career in 2008 at the Catholic University in Managua. After 5 years of studies, he received his degree and license in dental surgery. While in university he did his internship of 4 years in the Hospital Roberto Humbes and in the student clinic at his university. In his final year of university, he worked at a private clinic in Managua where he stayed after graduation. In the beginning of 2013 he moved to Rivas where he works at a private clinic when he is not in Limon. He hopes to return to school in the near future to specialize in implants which would require another 2-3 years of study. When asked why his chose dentistry, Luis says that he enjoys helping others and as an added bonus he gets to be his own boss.

Martha Catalina Cerda Miranda, Nurse
Martha has worked with the clinic as a nurse since the foundation of the Roberto Clemente Health Clinic in July of 2004. Her work begins each day at eight in the morning until five in the evening, assisting General Practitioner Dr. Flores Dra Guevara and others, attending to patients, supporting the pharmacy, helping with the compilation of statistics and guiding the volunteers. Before joining the clinic, she worked in the Ministry of Health, specifically in the Gaspar Garcia Laviana Hospital and as a healthcare professional in San Ignacio.

Martha graduated with a title as an R.N. and is also certified in obstetrics, leadership, breastfeeding and family planning. Originally from the city of Rivas, she is the daughter of Juan Abel Cerda Lopez and Maria Celina Miranda Lopez. In her free time, she likes to watch movies, read the bible, enjoy events in the community and be with friends. Her greatest achievement and what brings her the most satisfaction is her work as a nurse and her time with her family. Her current course of academic study is to continue learning English.

Oliver Jose Guadamuz Bustos, Nurse
Oliver has worked as a nurse for the Roberto Clemente Health Clinic since October 2009. Aside from his medical tasks, he is in charge of the pharmacy in our satellite clinic in Guacalito and also compiles clinic statistics and monthly reports. Oliver’s studies at the Universidad Nacional Autonoma started in 1998 where he received his professional nursing license. He also returned to school years later and received a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from the University Hispanoamericana in  2009. Before working at Roberto Clemente, he spent 10 years working for the Ministry of Health. His first job as a government employee was at the health center in Rivas where he worked as a full time nurse. Afterwards, he worked for SILAIS (local system of comprehensive healthcare) as the insecticide and toxicology program manager. His final job with the Ministry of Health was in the emergency room at the public hospital in Rivas.

Jose Daniel Lopez, Nurse
Jose obtained his nursing degree in 2006.  He then attained a post-graduate degree in emergency and trauma nursing in San Jose, Cost Rica.  He recently completed a specialization in diabetes at Hosptial Bautista in Nicaragua.  Jose also has extensive work experience. He started in 2006 working in Hospoital Garcia LaVana of Rivas.  He also worked for the EMA (programa mundial de alimento).  He was working with pregnant women and children suffering from anemia.  In 2010, he joined Hospital Metropolitano Vivian Pellas in the intensive care unit, emergency and trauma department, and trauma where he supported the general doctors/ surgeons and trauma area.

Eliezer Holman, Agronomist

Sarah Maria Obregon Alvarado, Nurse
Sarah has worked for the Roberto Clemente Health Clinic for the past two years as a part-time nurse. During the week, Sarah works full time at the health center in Tola, Nicaragua also as a nurse. She first began her career as a nursing assistant from 1987-1988. She then continued her studies at the Polytechnic University of Nicaragua in Rivas from 1988-1992 where she was receiving a scholarship. After graduating as a nurse practitioner, Sarah worked for 1 year at the main hospital on the Island of Ometepe. Upon completion, she continued her work as a nurse for 3 years at the Merida health center, also located on the Island of Ometepe. During her free time Sarah enjoys spending time with her two kids and taking care of her house in Rivas. In the near future, she hopes to take a computer class in order to improve her professional skills. 

Melvin Lopez, Nurse

Eduardo Ramon Bello Victor, Laboratory Technician
Eduardo is originally from Juigalpa Chontales and moved to Rivas where he now lives and works in several clinics. Since May of 2007, Eduardo has offered his laboratory services once a week to Roberto Clemente patients. It is on this day that the clinic has the greatest influx of patients. During the rest of the week Eduardo works at the hospital in Rivas and in the San Andres Clinic. He graduated with a license in Clinical Laboratory Science and Psychoanalysis. He has pursued studies in topics including: malaria, blood banks and bacilloscopy. In his free time he likes to play baseball and give lectures about his profession.

Ramon Antonio Narvaez, Administration Assistant
Ramon is originally from Rivas where he still lives with his family. He studied Administration at the Polytechnic University of Nicaragua (UPOLI) in Managua. He is currently studying accounting at WISPAN. Before beginning his work with the clinic, he worked at an energy company and a textile company. His work at the clinic includes documenting invoices, and supporting the pharmacy and the management team. In his free time, he likes to listen to music and play soccer. Regarding the clinic, he says, “I like my work because I help a lot of people and I very much like what I am in charge of doing here at the clinic.”

Alexander Danilo Flores Caldera, Driver

Alexander was born in 1987 and is originally from Managua where he  lives when he is not at the clinic. He began his work with the clinic in July of 2013. Before he began working for the Roberto Clemente Health Clinic, he worked as a volunteer firefighter for seven years  in Managua.. Aside from receiving his EMT and CPR certification, he also studied four years of medicine in the Universidad Católica (UNICA). His favorite subjects while at university were cardiology and trauma. He was also interested in emergency studies. His satisfaction in his job comes from being able to help people. In his free time he likes to listen to music, dance bachata and cook for his family. In relation to his job he says, “I love my work. I have a positive vision of the organization.” He wants to learn more and be as dedicated as he can to the clinic.

Izayana Auxiliador Victor Jimenez, Assistant Pharmacist
Izayana is from Rivas where she still lives with her husband and 7 year old daughter. After graduating from high school, she continued her studies at the Universidad Popular de Nicaragua in Granada from 2000 to 2004. She spent her first two years completing her pre-requisites and later went on to graduate with a bachelor’s degree in Administration of Tourism Services. After graduation she began working at the Meridional Farmacy where she stayed for 5 years. During her work at the pharmacy, she also received courses in client services, business, and pharmaceutical sales. Since 2011 Izayana has worked at the Roberto Clemente Health Clinic in the pharmacy where she  tends to customers, assists with inventory, and supports Gustavo in aspects of general accounting. In 2014 she will be returning to university in Masaya where she will be studying for 5 years to receive a bachelor’s degree in pharmacy.

Marysol Alvarez, Assistant Pharmacist

Francisca Izayanan, Assistant Pharmacist

Martina Josefina Obando Morales, Custodial Management
Martina is in charge of the cleanliness and order of the clinic in order to guarantee the hygiene of the building and the safety of the patients and workers during the week.   She is responsible for daily tasks necessary to maintain a comfortable and uncontaminated environment. After graduating from high school and prior to working at the clinic,  Martina worked as a waitress in Rancho Santana. Her parents are Leoncio Obando Obando and Maria Morales Mairena.
In her free time she looks after her four children  and gets some much needed rest. Martina is a single mother  fighting and working with the hope that her children will study and prepare for a university education. She hopes to one day own her own house for herself and her children.

Julio Cesar Quedo Arcia, Security
Julio has been in charge of night security at the Roberto Clemente Clinic since February of 2009. He regards the clinic as his second home and is always providing helpful suggestions to the rest of the team to improve and conserve the Clinic building. During the night rotation, Julio is the first person to receive the emergency care patients and coordinate their immediate attention by a medical professional at the clinic. If this includes emergency transportation to the hospital, he is in charge of locating the designated individual in charge of patient transportation during that time of day.

Julio is officially an agricultural worker and originally from Rivas. His parents are Reynaldo Quedo Amador and Carmen Arcia. He spends his days dedicated to agriculture and gardening and also spends time with his wife, children and grandchildren. His greatest achievement is to have a happy family and to be able to share the fruit of his labor with them.

Damaris Vega Chavez, Custodial Management
Damaris is responsible for the maintenance and cleanliness of the entire clinic during the weekends. She wholeheartedly supports the running of the pharmacy and the patient rooms. She makes sure that everything remains clean from the moment she enters the clinic until the last minute of the day. She does not rest in her attention to the hygienic details of the clinic. Being this committed to her work has gained her much respect from all of the members of the Roberto Clemente team. Damaris previously worked as a waitress and a homecare worker.

She was born in Tola-Rivas and her parents are Petrona Vega and Marcos Chavez. In her free time, she takes care of her family and likes to watch television. Her primary goal is to facilitate her children’s educational pursuits and help them to grow and mature in order to have a better future. She also hopes to work on her house.