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Testimonial From Canada

Good day.

I was staying at Playa Gigante, where I travel to frequently and unfortunately burned my feet. Being a glasses wearer, I took off my glasses to go swimming late one afternoon in
April, 2012 and not seeing white ashes on the white sand, (from the previous night’s bonfire)Ran right through it causing 2nd degree burns.

The doctor and (especially) the nurse, who treated me daily were absolutely FANTASTIC! When I returned to Canada and was seen at mu local clinic, they were extremely impressed with how good my feet looked, etc.

I bought land in Gigante a few years ago and am very glad that the clinic is there. Also, while I was there, I saw many local people using the clinic, which is great!

My partner has sent a donation.

Peter Markwell
John Howard Society of Toronto,
Toronto, Ontario,


We have a testimonial for the clinic. We were at Rancho Santana last year during the holidays and our 10-year old daughter was stung by a sting ray while boogie boarding at Los Perros. We rushed her to the clinic and they did an amazing job!


Julie Annet

Dear donors,

I’m most thankful for a small but growing medical clinic in the southwest corner of Nicaragua.” As sometimes happens with body surfing, a rogue wave flipped me upside down. Except this time, it smacked my neck hard onto the sand. After tumbling me around, the wave left me floating in less than a foot of water. There was just one problem: I was completely paralyzed from the neck down. The clinic’s ambulance transported me from the beach to the clinic. There, the staff administered initial intravenous fluids and other procedures consistent with a spinal cord injury. Were it not for their quick actions and the following of proper protocols, I wouldn’t be writing to you today.

Thank you again to the team the doctors and volunteers who helped me and saved my life.

David Fessler
Financial Writer