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Shaping the Future: A Life Changing Program

Great news!

Last week, the Clinic hosted the children of the Padrino Program for our annual celebration.

All the children in this program range from pre-school to secondary school.

Image of the children of the Padrino Program

During this visit the children were presented with supplies, including backpacks, erasers, notebooks, pencils, colored pencils, and new school uniforms (shirts, pants, athletic attire, sweatshirts, and shoes). Our clinic team was able to provide 47 of these packages on a very small budget!

Along with school supplies, each child received their annual health check-up which includes a physical exam, deworming medication, and vitamins.

All of this is done with the help of our sponsors, like you, who give a small amount monthly to better prepare each child to succeed.

Image of a celebration of the Padrino Program

We also find that acknowledgement and encouragement of success goes a long way, especially for kids this young. Our team took the time to celebrate those in our program who excelled in their academics, and even a couple of graduates from the 6th and 11th grade!

Each time we meet with these students we provide a motivational discussion on the importance of learning and growing, which highly influences their performance. To finish this heart-warming meeting, we enjoyed a snack with the families and played with a pinata. And the families were not shy in sharing how grateful they are to be a part of our Padrino Program and the influence it has on their children.

Would you like to become a sponsor?

Image of members of the Clinic

Here is what your generous donation could provide for a child in Limon 1, Tola, Nicaragua…

  • With US$25 per month, one student could afford to purchase two sets of school uniforms and the necessary books, a backpack and school supplies to fully engage in their school experience.
  • With US$50 per month, one student could afford to purchase two sets of school uniforms and the necessary books, a backpack, school supplies, as well as an entire year of healthcare protection (including bi-monthly visits to our clinic, medicine as needed, nutritional assistance with vitamins and supplements, and a vaccination program).

Image of a member of the Clinic standing with children

This kind of support is crucial to the success of each child’s education and beyond.

Help us help the future of Nicaragua.

To become a sponsor, or to learn more information on the Padrino Program, CLICK HERE!

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