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Medical and EMT Volunteer Abroad

Volunteering at the clinic was a great experience. Everyone was helpful and I learned a lot. I was able to gain a good amount of hands-on experience and also improve my Spanish. My expectations were met in Nicaragua and I would love to come back after I achieve my master’s degree. Overall, the program went smoothly and I learned a lot. I have no complaints.

Amber Weinzierl
These weeks working with Martita, Dr. Francis, and Dr. Flores are once in a lifetime experiences. I’m so glad to have worked here and so thankful.

Madalyn Heanue
Nursing student
Catholic University of America

Were your expectations/goals met during your experience in Nicaragua?
I expected to gain a greater understanding of medical Spanish and of the poorer communities and what they need. I met these goals.

Please let us know our weakness or areas where we can improve:
For people who volunteer and know little Spanish there could be a little pre-volunteer booklet to help them to learn some key phrases in Spanish.

I had a lovely experience. Jenia did a great job orienting us and preparing us to work here. The staff was readily available and greatly helped me to improve my Spanish.
Quinn Lancor
Nursing student
Catholic University of America

I had an excellent experience as a medical volunteer at Roberto Clemente. I really enjoyed working with and learning from all the medical staff, including doctors, nurses, pharmacists and administrative personnel. I appreciated the opportunity to work independently in the clinic with both Nicaraguans and foreigners, performing consults and procedures such as suturing and IV placement. I also really enjoyed getting out into the community and giving hygiene and parasite talks in the school. This experience both tested my Spanish skills and allowed me to have a broader impact on public health. Overall, volunteering at Roberto Clemente was a great time!

Were your expectations/goals met during your experience in Nicaragua?

Yes. As an experienced family medicine resident, I was hoping to not only shadow the staff, but to also work independently with the supervision of the doctors. After I was oriented and had proven competent to the doctors, I was allowed to perform consults and procedures on my own under their supervision.

Although I had not thought too much about community projects before I came, the parasite and water filter projects in the schools was very fulfilling and gave me the opportunity to affect a larger population.

Please let us know our weakness or areas where we can improve:
Better organization overall. For example, it was unclear that the clinic would be closed for cleaning or holidays until the day before. Also, for the workflow or volume of the clinic, it would be helpful to have more nurses.

Timothy J. Senekar, M.D.
Family Medicine Resident
Fort Collins Family Medicine Program, PGY3