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Huerto Organico – Organic Garden

Organic Gardening in Nicaragua:
Huerto Organico For small farmer

The Roberto Clemente Health Clinic, located in rural southwestern Nicaragua, saves lives and takes care of over 12,000 patients per year.

With adequate donor funding, the clinic will develop and manage a training base for members of the 27 underserved communities. We will teach how to increase production of nutritional food while improving and sustaining the quality of the soil through crop rotation. 

Barbara Jordan, a volunteer physician assistant and a clinic Board Member, has seen medical conditions such as diabetes and hypertension that could be helped with dietary and lifestyle changes.  She often hears from patients that vegetables aside from legumes and potatoes are expensive, and that a typical Nicaraguan diet remains too high in simple carbohydrates—such as starch and sugar—and salt.  Consequently, malnutrition, vitamin A deficiency and anemia are common.  What better way to promote health than getting outside and growing vegetables?

Together with Dr. Nina Bacaner, one of our medical advisors from the Minneapolis area who is also participating.

Our idea is currently in the gestational stage and we need to raise money for startup costs. These costs include shovels, spades and forks, fencing and other equipment, as well as funds to support a local agronomo (farmer) who will receive training.

Please join us in this effort to bring their skills to the village of Límon and the Roberto Clemente clinic.

Our current goal is to raise $7,200 to start this project for the first year. We also believe in self-sustainability and that people from the community who put work into the garden will get their share of vegetables. You will receive monthly updates so you can watch – almost live –  the progress of our project.

2014 is the United Nations “International Year of Family Farming.”
What better way is there to start off the year?

Join us! Please select your level of support and remember to click in the CHECK OUT button to pay with regular credit card if you do not have a paypal account.

Garden Project

For more information please visit: www.nicaclinic.org Thanks for your help!

Barbara Jordan,
Medical Board Member